Saturday, June 7, 2008

A quick Introduction

I suppose I should have begun with this, but I just couldn’t wait to get to the good stuff. So what or rather when were the Dark Ages? The Dark Age officially began with the sack of Rome by the Visigothic King Alaric in 410 CE (common era) and ends with the return of the knights of the First Crusade. During the First Crusade the decedents of the Germanic conquerors of Rome became re-acquainted with Roman engineering and the other lost arts of the Roman Empire through contact with the Middle East. Where the scientific breakthroughs of the Roman Age where never forgotten. The History Channel has made a really nifty overview with some very high production values of the Dark Age in 2007. It’s called “The Dark Ages” and is available through NETFLIX.

What do I hope to accomplish here? Am I creating a blog for gamers (both roleplayers and wargamers) and re-enactors? Sure I’d like this blog to be of benefit to them. But what I really hope to do is to turn everyone who reads this into a hard-core history junkie.

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crazyred said...

Mission accomplished! Great stuff!